Proceedings of the Theriological School

Праці Теірошколи, обкладинка випуску 11 The Proceedings of the Theriological School (ISSN 2312–2749) is a scientific peer-reviewed open access journal founded in 1998 by the Ukrainian Theriological Society. It is published by the National Museum of Natural History, NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv). The journal was first presented at the 5th Theriological School-Workshop (Haidary, Kharkiv oblast) as a series of scientific contributions with thematic content under ISBN 966-02-0692-5. Since Volume 11 (2012), the edition has been an academic periodical published both print (ISSN 2312–2749) and online (e-ISSN 2074–2274). The journal publishes papers presenting results of original research into several aspects of mammalian biology, in particular fauna, ecology, distribution, evolution, taxonomy, variability, diversity, and conservation. Reviews, papers on science and research history, short communications, and chronicles of events devoted to mammalogy are also welcomed. Simple faunal lists without any kind of analysis are not considered for publication. The journal publishes one or two volumes per year. All published papers can be accessed freely on the journal's website and on the website of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine — the main repository of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Праці Теірошколи, обкладинка випуску 11General Information about the journal

Title (ukr.): Праці Теріологічної школи
Title: Proceedings of the Theriological School
Title from vol. 16: Theriologia Ukrainica
Type of publication: academic journal
ISSN: 2312–2749 (print), 2074–2274 (online)
Languague: Ukrainian, English
Periodicity: annual or semiannual
Founded: in 1998 by the Ukrainian Theriological Society,
Publisher: National Museum of Natural History, NAS of Ukraine
Editor-in-Chief: Igor Zagorodniuk

The journal's main topics

 diversity and evolution
 variability and systematics
 fauna and biogeography
 population ecology

 community ecology
conservation issues
 research history
chronicles and promotions





Contents of volumes

in total
contents (ukr.)
contents (eng.)
vol. 1
30 articles
198 pages
vol. 2
41 articles
222 pages
vol. 3
7 articles
108 pages
vol. 4
9 articles
64 pages
vol. 5
6 articles
60 pages
vol. 6
38 articles
248 pages
vol. 7
54 articles
352 pages
vol. 8
38 articles
245 pages
vol. 9
44 articles
312 pages
vol. 10
24 articles
180 pages
vol. 11
24 articles
168 pages
vol. 12
20 articles
144 pages
vol. 13
20 articles
156 pages
vol. 14
20 articles
180 pages
vol. 15
20 articles
180 pages
vol. 16
22 articles
180 pages
в роботі
in press

Information for authors

Each manuscript submitted for publication undergo preliminary review by the Chief Editor or one of the Associate Editors. Usually, the manuscript is returned right after to the Corresponding author to consider editorial remarks. Afterwards, the manuscript is sent for peer-review. Please, visit page with Guide for authors


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