Proceedings of the National Museum of Natural History, 2016, Nr 14, pages 23–34

A New Discovery of Metazoa Imprints and Ichnofossils in the Vendian Mohyliv Suite from the Bernashivka Quarry


author(s): Grytsenko, V,
National Museum of Natural History, NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)


The Vendian sequence of Podillia was concurrent with the Ediacaran sections as a stratotype for the last system of Upper Proterozoic. The sections are outcropped on banks of the Dniester River and its tributaries, but the best object for exploration is the quarry near Bernashivka village. Scientists and fossil diggers get new findings – samples of the Vendian biota. Even fossil diggers have better conditions for work, because they are independent from any institution. The objects of our study were various fossils (remains of Metazoa, ichnofossils and bioglyphs), which were found on a few levels of the Vendian sequence. New species were described on standard adopted for the Vendian fossils. Perhaps, some of these casts of animals may belong to coral polyps. Two species of Charnia (Сh. ivantsovi sp. nov and Ch. masoni Ford) were found first this spring in the Yampil beds. Besides the fossils, facial affinities of surrounding rocks were studied. The sequence reflects different marine conditions in the past from the shallow to the deep water. Fossil remains were spread mostly in shallow water deposits.


Vendian, Upper Proterozoic, Podillia, Mohyliv formation, new genera, new species.

Corresponding author address:

National Museum of Natural History, NAS of Ukraine; Bohdan Khmelnytsky St. 15, Kyiv, 01601 Ukraine; e-mail:


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