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First geoecological exhibition «Modern fishing amber and negative consequences of illegal extraction of amber Polesie»

opens at The National Museum of Natural History at April 22,2010. The exhibition includes geological materials (various maps, photos of landscapes Polese and amber mining, stratigraphic column), materials that demonstrate the negative consequences of illegal extraction of amber (photos, publications, texts), raw amber for factions, polished amber, jewelry and souvenirs, works of art (paintings, icons). In the room shown video and photos of the presented topics. Exhibition was initiated by the staff of "Geological Museum" NNPM NAS of Ukraine. Organizers of the event is the National Museum of Natural Science, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Union of geologists in Ukraine and the Foundation “Ukrainian family”.


In 170 years of publishing Darwin's «Diary of research on geology and natural history of different countries, visited the ship «Beagle» exhibition

«Halapohoski Islands»

Photos - Pysanets E.M
Design: Radchenko V.I., Remynniy V.U., Pankov A.V.

Annotations to the photos from the book: Charles Darwin "Naturalysts Journey Around the World in the ship “Beagle”, 1976